Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper Trail

I'm in a little bit of a wedding-planning limbo right now. Up next on my TODO list is to order my invites. However, I cannot order my invites until we have our taste-testing, and that is on Sunday. I also cannot start working on my escort cards, programs or table numbers until I know for sure what the invites look like.

It's a vicious circle, I tell ya.

In the meantime, let's look over some of the invites that I have been interested in. I was looking for something fun, classy, vintage and with a touch of whimsey. I know birds are a hot hot trend right now [it's the damask of 2007], but I have fallen head over heels for these love birds:

First up is the Bethany from Invitations by Ajalon.

I am so madly in love with this invite. It is everything I wanted: classy, vintage, whimsical, fun. Look how adorable that bird is!

Ugggh. I just die. Love love love them.
Don't love the price of $933 for invites and envelopes only-and that's not including the map card or RSVP card. So we can scratch that one off the list. :(

After I got over the heartache of not being able to order the Bethany, I stumbled upon this pretty little number called Spring Bird
It has the same whimsical, fun feel as the last one, but a much more reasonable price!

Also, in October, JEGs and I sat through a pots and pans demonstration and our reward was a 20% coupon for invitations! So that brings this little number into our price range!

Under the "Much More Affordable" category, we'll find Aqua Love Birds

A little more casual, but still has that fun feel that I was looking for. I think you can tell I'm not nearly as excited about these as I am the others, but they'll do.

Next week [after I stuff my face on Sunday] I will sit down with my mom and order invites.

Always & Forever,


Jodie said...

Hey Lizzie! I had a thought... I know sometimes you can find an invite you like and if you take it to a printing company, they may be able to replicate the design for much cheaper. My sis works at one and has told me that it's something that can be done... may be worth looking into if you really love the first one. Good luck!

bethany said...

I'm truly not just saying this to make you feel better about the cheap invites...but they're totally my favorite. They're so whimsical and sweet...don't think for a second that they're less amazing because they're inexpensive. They're to DIE for...to DIE FOR! :)