Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DIY Paper Parasol

On my list of DIY stuff for the wedding was a paper parasol. I had fallen in love with these while browsing through pages of wedding porn on the web. I looked around to see what my purchase options were, and I had three:
  • purchase one from Etsy
  • try to snag a used one from another bride
  • or do it my damn self.
The parasols on Etsy ran about $45- $50 and, if y'all don't know by now, I'm kind of cheap. I wasn't paying that much.

So I tried to hit up the 'Trash to Treasure' boards on The Knot. There were so many listed there, but they were snatched up so quickly, I never had a chance.
So onto Plan C: Do it my damn self.
I have to say, this was relatively easy. I purchased a plain white parasol from TheKnot store

I hemmed and hawed about having it say "Thank You" vs. "Just Married". After giving it some serious thought, consulting JEGs and my mother, I decided on Just Married. We still plan to stick the picture in the Thank You cards, but now if it is a really nice picture that we want to frame, it wouldn't look weird saying "Thanks!!"

Once I finally decided what I wanted it to say, I typed it up in a Microsoft Word document. Here is the tricky part: you need to make the letters super big in order to fill up space on the parasol. I used the font Chopin Script (which you can download here ) and bumped it up to 550 pts. For the word 'Just' I printed out the 'J' seperately, and then the 'ust'. 'Married' was split up three ways- 'M', 'arr', and 'ied':

Next, I taped the letters to the back of the parasol with scotch tape:

Then, I began to trace them onto the parasol- first in pencil, then in black marker

Tada! All traced out!

My next step was to run to Michael's (with 40% coupon in hand) and grab some black acrylic paint and brushes to paint over the letters

I chose two different brushes: a No. 1 flat shader for the outlining and smaller areas and a No. 10 Filber to fill in the thicker areas (like the trunk of the 'J').

One slow night at work, I sat down and started to paint over the tracings I had done. About 2 hours later I had this:

It is super important to let the paint dry before you close the parasol. I actually left mine open for about a two days (we were having a week of very hot, humid days).

So what do we think? I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I just hope I remember to use it the day of the wedding!!!

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

dude, it's gorgeous. and perfect. You could totally sell these. Or maybe I'll steal the idea and sell them. ha. it's funny because i'm serrrrrriousssss hehehehe

Your Daily Barista said...

aren't you a crafty craftsman! looking good.

Amanda said...

Wow! Looks amazing! Great job

bethany said...

Look at you getting down with your bad Martha-craft self! This is flawless and amazing...

I'm jealous. Aaaand I want a parasol, too, even though I'm not getting married.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Great job, I love it

Celia said...

omg that is sooo pretty!!!