Friday, May 7, 2010


So it's Friday, and I am finally posting about last weekend.

.. could you tell I was a little busy this week ;)

Anywho, I had a kick. ass. weekend. First off, Friday day shift makes me happy. The weather was beautiful and I was done work at 2:00 pm. Boo- yah.

Momma and Poppa G came up to our area, and we checked out a pub called PJ Whelihan's. Momma G wanted the place for the rehearsal dinner to have a nice, relaxed atmosphere. A couple months ago, JEGs and I stumbled upon this place, and thought it was perfect. His parents agreed so they booked it for July 16th!

Our only beef with the place- it was open mic night. I wanted to pay the dude to stop playing. Seriously, how do you screw up Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl"??

Moving on....

After dinner, JEGs and I went to check out my chiropractor's band Dr. Ben's Backbone Blues Band. They were playing outside at some joint up in Skippack. It was such a beautiful night, the music was good, the smell of lilacs in the air, and the middle-aged drunk people were incredibly entertaining. So was I after I had 3 Captains and Coke... after the two beers I had at dinner.

On Saturday we headed out to the Coatesville area. JEGs wanted to check out a car show his friend had organized. It was so beautiful, we popped out the T-tops in his trusty Trans Am Vanessa, and cruised on over...

my levels of fabulousity are so high, they are toxic.

After the car show, we headed to a BBQ at our friends Bonnie and Andy's house. We brought a cake that was... well, it was awesome. Like epic.

Angel food cake with pineapple and pudding filling, topped with Cool Whip and fresh berries. And all of it was fat free. That's right. It was awesome. As was the burgers, potato salad, dip and general time spent with friends.

Of course, it's not a party until someone walks through the screen door. Usually I have this job, but this time it was Matt's turn.

Screen Door- 1. Matt- 0.
Sunday, JEGs' family threw us a "Pre-Wedding Party". This was not your momma's bridal shower- no siree. The men folk were invited!
Here is their house all decorated:

the bridal bench for present-opening
complete with my favorite flower- tiger lillies
Our lovely hostesses- Momma G, Aunt Marlene and MumMum

we practiced our cake-cutting abilities
and I totally nailed him with icing.
Me with my Daddy-O

PSA: my dad is the cutest man ever.

JEGs best buddy, Mike, brought his Harley over, so of course we had to have a photoshoot with the two of us on the bike. Complete with me in uber short skirt.

Again, our friends and family were so generous- we got pretty much everything off our list, and plenty of gift cards to boot!

I got a little too excited about napkin rings

I love this picture.. Momma G with JEGs and I

fabulous bitches.
Momma and Poppa G with Mommacita and Daddy-O.
Yes, my parents are munchkins.

It was such a great weekend! I ate too much, I drank too much, but I spent quality time with my friends and family.

In parting, I'm leaving you with this classic picture

I have no idea what we were trying to accomplish, but I'm pretty sure we are oozing sexiness.
Happy Friday!
Always & Forever,


Andy said...

Did you ever notice you can only ooze two things?
Pus and love

Shannon said...

Not true. My mom's dedication to me in my senior year yearbook said I "oozed joy". Gross. Thanks Mom.

Anyway, I need to wear a head scarf and find a t-top car somewhere. Stat. Also, way to go on documenting the entire weekend, I'm impressed.

Tiny parents are adorbs.

Your Daily Barista said...

first off andy, not sure who you are but, if LB was giving an award for best comment, you would totally win.

secondly, LB, love the pic on the harley. JEGs is totally into how it operates and you are busy posing. greatness.

finally, i thought walking thru screen doors only existed in my family. glad to hear there are other drunkies out there doing the same.

Danielle and Clint said...

Hahaha! That last picture is great! Those are the classics you have to keep.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Heluuuu? Super sexy! You guys should totally use this picture in the signing table at the Wedding...for suuuuuuureeeee.

I'm loving the shoes (yours of course...not JEGs cause that would be weird)

Ang said...

We also had our rehearsal dinner at a bar- it was amazing! (I'm in jersey and I can think of 4 pj's off the top of my head. lol seems like they're all over down here!)
and i love them.

I hate when people have the stuffy sit-down type dinners.

Having it at a bar puts everyone in such a 'party mode' mood! Prob one of the greatest ideas ever :)