Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pop the Champagne!

First off, I would like to wish myself a Happy Blogiversary!

That's right ladies and gents- one year ago, I started this little bloggeroo. I have to say, I didn't think I would stick it out longer then a month, but here we are, 220 post, 41 followers later, AND an official blogger of I'm still rockin it out.

I'll wait for your applause to die down.




Ok... thank you for that :)

A lot has happened in the past year: I moved in with JEGs, we got engaged, then all of our friends got engaged, my collection of neices and nephews grew. Basically, it's been a kick ass year!

In honor of my blogiversary, I decided to revist my top 10 favorite posts. Get ready to start clicking some links!

Here they are:

#10. Zip, Zip, Zoom!- That BMW should know better then to mess with a chick in a Jeep.
# 9. Perhaps I should stick to "Ivory"- The first life lesson I posted- I did not stick to ivory, however.
# 8. JEGs in Flight- I give kick ass gifts
# 7. Missing the Bullseye Where the battle of Me vs. Target all began
# 6. My Late Night Affiar- Don't tell JEGs, but I had an affiar with 9 men- at the same time!
# 5. OBX 09- The best vacation I have EVER had.
# 4. Sobriety: Week One- Giving up the sauce for Lent= worst idea ever.
# 3. Stinker- The day I almost died.
# 2. On Bended Knee- Our engagement story.
# 1. ...and so it begins!- The post that started it all.

Thank you to all my readers for all your love! I hope you've enjoyed reading about this past year as I have writing it!

Here's to another 365!

Always & Forever,


Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Yayyyyyyyyy to you!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Woo hoo!!

Charmed by the Star Filled Texas Sky said...

Congrats. Congrats!! :) Beautiful Blog, I must say so myself!!

bethany said...

Happy Blogiversary! (I'm late. Whoops. What's new. I also still have a package with your name on it. I'm done with school now and maybe I'll finally get my lazy arse to the PO.)

Seriously, LizzieBeth, I love ya. I always know I'm going to get an awesomely sassy dose of 'tude when I'm here. In a good way. did your recent parasol DIY not make the top 10?!?! That blew my mind.

Keep it up, lady. You make me smile. :)

Shannon said...

I'm also late to the party. And my maternity gear is not fashionable either. Boo on both counts.

Anywho, happy blogiversary! Without you, blogland would be awfully boring and un-funny. You're tops to me!