Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Date Night

I am away at cheer camp in the Poconos this week, but I scheduled a few blogs for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy, and I'll see you all on Thursday!

Since my work schedule is kind of strange, JEGS and I really look forward to the weeks I am on day work. I was on day work last week, but JEGS and I had been super busy. Monday night I had a cheerleading meeting that kept me out until 10pm. Tuesday we headed to his parents house so he could work on his car and I had dinner with his friends. Wednesday I went to a Trenton Thunder Game with my dad and two sister-in-laws and didn’t get home until 11pm. Friday afternoon we left for the shore as soon as we got home. Pepper in the fact that I have 2-3 chiropractor visits a week as well.

Ok, strike that. I had a busy week. JEGs- not so much.

Anyway when we discovered that we I had nothing to do Thursday night we (first checked the calendar to be sure and then) planned a date night. Money has been tight this month, so we had to plan this on the cheap.

It started off with a dip in our complex pool- which was the emptiest we've seen it! At one point we were the only ones there, so it was like our own personal oasis!

After we were refreshed we headed back to the apt and I made JEGs favorite meal- southwestern chicken. We already had all the ingrediants, which is amazing because we need to go food shopping in the worst way.

When I finished cleaning up from dinner we snuggled up on the couch together and watched Season 1 of LOST, compliments of Hulu. As we watched the trials and tribulations of of the survivors of Oceanic 815, we snacked on water ice that was already in the freezer.

After two episodes we packed our bag for the weekend and settled in for the night.

Cost of date night: 0 dollars and 0 cents.
Time spent together: Priceless

So what do you guys do for date night?? (keep it clean, my mom reads this!) Movies? Dinner on the town? I'd love you to share!

Always & Forever,

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