Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Very Kitchy!

It is amazing what can come of two pitchers and a cup of [very strong] coffee.

When we got back from OBX, I began unpacking our stuff from the trip. Among our items where these
Innocent enough, but... I had no place to put them.

I came from an apartment with very little cabinet space and a roommate with more snacks and cereal boxes than the Navy has ships (love ya J Dizzle!) So when we moved into this:

I was in heaven.

Funny thing is, two months later it looks like this:


I knew I wanted to put them in the cabinet above the stove, but that was already full. After sitting and staring at the open cabinets for 20 minutes I suddenly remembered I had an empty drawer!

Hmm. Now how do I get 1 + 1 to equal 2???

I had been storing my Tupperware with the pots and pans

Talk about a nightmare! Everytime we need something to store our leftover cuisine, we were ambushed by lids and other plastic debris! I figured I could move the Tupperware over to the empty drawer and that opened up space with the pots and pans, and saved JEGs and I from getting attacked every night.

Like killing two birds with one stone!

Now that there was space down below, I had two casserole dishes on the very top shelf with the glasses. I switched those down with the pots and pans…

…and now there was room in with the glasses. It just so happens that the cabinet above the stove had some of JEGs’ pint glasses and a few of my pimp cups (cause that’s how I roll). I moved those over once …

..and voila! Now there is room to put the pitchers where I wanted them to be.

[I totally had a picture of the cabinet, but I accidently deleted it and it is too much of a pain in the ass to put the picture back up. But you get the idea]

Genius, right? I know. I should plan stuff for the military, or something.
While I was on a roll I organized our junk drawer

The moral of this story? Trish Suhr ain't got nothin' on me.
Always & Forever,
*and yes, I'm totally procrastinating from posting about OBX.

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