Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zip Zip Zoom

I know, I know. I said I would post about OBX, but I am still organizing pictures, and waiting for some others to share their pictures with the rest of us ::cough.. Connie.. cough:::

Anyway, I'm in a story telling mood, so let me tell you about my drive home last night.
I'm putzing down the blvd (for those not in the Philly area, I should let you know "the blvd" is actually The Roosevelt Boulevard- a 12 lane highway that drives through the north side of the city and out into the suburbs) when I get passed by this BMW. This dude is weaving and bobbing out of traffic, but ironically enough I keep pulling up next to him at stop light. Every time I do, I look over and snicker a little to myself.

At about the fourth or fifth light I notice the driver rolling down his window. I glace over and this guy looks JUST like one of those Jon-Hawttie- My-New-Haircut-kind of guys. He says to me "Hey girl, what's up."

Without even thinking I spouted "Not now chief, I'm in the effin' zone" and drove off.

He sped by me probably thinking "Effin' skank". haha

Always & Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

if it were me, after i said that line (priceless i may add) i would have friggin gunned it at the green. (then again, that is probably why there are so many accidents on the BLVD. oh and for people not from the area...don't even attempt to drive on the BLVD. it's only for the strong-willed, veteran philly drivers)

i hate when people talk to me when i am in my car.

people seem to think "if her roof is down, then it is an open invitation to talk to her."

i always think..."yelling out of your car to a lovely lady, does that really work for you? has any woman been like 'what a nice gentleman, i think i will ask him for his number'"

giant d-bags. p.s. - video, perfect touch.

LizzieBeth said...

Bwa ha ha . You are so right.. like yelling out your car window is the end-all be-all of chivalry.

Shannon said...

Ugghh, gross. And don't call me girl, thanks. My preferred method of attention from guys is when I'm walking into the Wawa and the 15 landscapers that just crawled out a of a minivan all stop and stare and say things to each other (um, presumably about me of course) in Spanish. Love that. Nothing like a little manual laborer self-esteem booster to put a little pep in your step. haha