Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fashion: Yay or Nay?

I put together an outfit today, and I'm wondering what the general thoughts are. I got the inspiration from this Rachel Bilson outfit:

So here is my interpritation:
I added some pops of color in my shoes, and also added my favorite necklace:

...and just incase anyone is interested here is my purchase list:
Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: J.Crew outlet
Belt: American Eagle
Necklace: American Eagle (last season)
Shoes: Kohls like 100 years ago (as you can tell from the scuffs)
So what's the verdict? Should I keep it in rotation?
Always & Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

i am not 100% sure. there is something about it that i am not feeling. i think it's the shorts, too structured maybe? not sure.

excellent tan for a nice irish girl, though!!

Shannon said...

Dude, lovvvve the Miata handwave comment. I cannot wait for my brother to read it bc he is the proud owner of one of those little matchbox cars. In his defense, his primary auto is a truck, so I suppose that levels out his hetero/homo sexuality.

That is an impressive copy of that girl's outfit. It's weird, when I look at the little picture, something seems off in the shorts area but when I enlarge it, it looks fine! So unless you're only 2inches tall in real life, I say go for it.