Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Let the Dog In??

Since Tim says I don't have enough "man"-related posts, this one is for you T.

I love football- I've mentioned it before. I know it's hard to believe with all this fabulousity there is room for sports, but I was raised with three older brothers. Therefore I must love the Eagles. I was even watching the pre-season game tonight. Until I checked my Facebook and good ole 6abc informed me that the Eagles just signed Michael Vick. Then I turned the TV off.

For those of you who don't follow football or, I don't know, have lived in a cave the past two years, Michael Vick is a former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. In 2007 he was indicted in a dog fighting case.

My brother Tim and I have debated this back and forth for some of the night. "[He] paid for his crimes and continues to pay in ways of anti-dog fighting programs. [You] don't believe in forgiveness?" he asked me.

I believe in forgiveness. I really do. But to me cruelty to animals is just unforgivable. There is absolutely no reason for it. Also, the NFL says illegal sports gambling is prohibited, and even first time offenders can risk being banned for life.

So this guy took 20 million dollars of his 37 million dollar signing bonus to illegally gamble on dog fighting. That's two strikes now, buddy.

Then to top it all off, while out on bail this guy test positive for pot during a random drug test- which is a violation of his condition of release. I know pot is not the worst drug out there, but clearly this guy has no respect for the law. I know he is a football player, but I'm pretty sure he understands strike three.

Granted, he did serve his two year in jail and is now filed for bankruptcy, but pardon me if my heart isn't exactly bleeding for the guy. Some may say he's paid his dues for that. I say he got what was coming to him.

You know what Eagles? Fool me once with T.O- shame on you. Fool me twice with Vick- shame on me.

I will not be fooled again. We are broken up.

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Erin Schularick said...

I'm totally with you. Well, thats not true...not totally. I have not broken up with the Eagles. I really truly love watching Eagles football games and cheering them on. But, I am very disappointed in the choice to pick up Vick. Apprarently, we like to pick up scum (ie. TO). However, I will still be cheering them and watching every game with my big pregnant belly hanging out of my jersey (what a mental image, huh?). I'm just hoping Vick doesn't prove to be the massive mistake that TO was just a few years ago.