Wednesday, August 26, 2009

October Sky(lar)

My brother Tim and his wife Bryn are expecting their second bundle of joy in late October. They are having a little girl (they already have a boy named Owen) and they are planning on naming her Skyler Allaine.

I decided to make a gift for my newest neice. They are going with a purple and green decor (my fav!) and the bedding is Pottery Barn Kids' Katie. Doesn't Bryn have great taste? I mean, she picked my brother, after all ;)

After throwing around a couple ideas (painting canvases, sewing pillows, framed fabric) I decided to do something more personal: her name! In Photoshop I did six individual files, each one with a letter and alternating between the stripes of the bumper pad with the polka dots of the crib sheets. I went to Office Depot and printed them out:

Next I went to IKEA and picked up their RAM picture frames. They came in packs of 3, so two packs was perfect! One slow night at work I took them outside and spray painted them all a pretty, glossy white.
before, obviously.
Next I picked up some scrapbooking paper from Michael's in Guacamole and traced out the glass from the frame. Again, six rectangles fit perfectly on one peice of paper!

I decided to matte the paper over the letters so I created a template out of scratch paper and traced out the area I wanted to cut:

I used an Exacto knife and cut out the centers, creating a boarder for each letter:

After the frames were dry, I popped them all in individual frames

Budget Breakdown:
Lettering- $1.05 for printing
Frames (@ 1.99 a set)- $3.98
Matting- $0.69
Spray Paint- free (already had it)
Total Cost- $5.72
So for under six bucks I made a personalized gift for my neices nursery.
As soon as they are done painting the room and have them hung I will update with more pictures!
Always & Forever,

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