Monday, June 28, 2010

Compromising on Fashion

The other day I came across this great jersey dress at the Banana Republic Outlet. Friends, it was adorbs. A beautiful Kelly Green with a deep V neck and it tied in the back. I was in lust.

I showed it to JEGs and his response was, " .. it looks like those other dresses that you have that I don't like".

He had a valid point. I have two jersey dresses that he HATES, but I keep them in the weekly rotation. The first is a cute teal, empire dress that I snagged at H&M

..and the second may or may not have come from the kids department of Walmart.

Super cute, right? Well, the reason JEGs hates these dresses is because he says they look busted up. The problem is, they are so versatile, I have worn the ever lovin' crap out of them (not like I've never done that before). The strap on the green dress is torn, and both are piling beyond belief. I made a compromise with him: I can get the new green dress if I promise to get rid of both dresses. It was a deal.
I love jersey dresses and I believe everyone woman should own at least one good one at all times. They are ultra feminine, but are soft and comfortable like a t-shirt! With the use of accessories, they can easily be transformed from day to night.
For example, if I was just running around on a weekend, I would throw a cami under the dress (mostly because I'm *ahem* well endowed), add a shell and beaded necklace, my brown leather flats ( don't you love how the buckles in the shoe accent the buckle on the dress?) and a big roomy purse to hold all my stuff.

My office is super causal, so I could probably make rock this for work too.

For night, I would still keep the cami, but if you are a little more.. proportionate, shall we say.. you can scratch it to amp up your sex appeal. I would switch out the flats for some va-va-voom black heels, and the white tote for a cute straw and patent leather clutch. Add in some great filigree gold earrings and a zebra bangle and I am ready for dinner and drinks!

This past weekend we headed down south to the Old Dominion State for a friend's housewarming. With temps soaring into the 90's, I wanted to stay cool and look chic, so I reached for my new dress, added some vintage wood bangles and a pair of floral wedges I scored at Kohl's years ago

So tell me, do you have a piece of clothing that is essential to your wardrobe? Maybe you've worn it to the bare threads, but hate to get rid of it? C'mon spill the details! I don't want to JEGs to think I'm the only one! ;)
Always & Forever,


Danielle and Clint said...

Honestly, it's adorable! Like you just showed, you can dress it up or down. I think it's a keeper. JEGs doesn't know what he is talking about!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Cute green!

I'm a big fan of the sheath dress. Since I have to dress business (picture blazers, closed toes and pantyhose), I wear them almost everyday and have them in every basic color (black, brown, blue, tan). Then, I just add a jacket or a cardigan and accessories and call it a day.

Shannon said...


my essential is old navy crew neck t-shirts, i have about 150 of them (or 20) and wear them until I realize I dropped ice cream on them and the stain won't come out. And at $6 a pop, I don't feel bad replacing one with 3 more.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Ugh, I have such a hard time saying goodbye to clothes when they wear out! I suppose that finding super cute replacements can soften the blow a bit :).