Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Trip Around the Sun

On Sunday, I turned 29. Oy.
However, unlike the whirlwind weekend I had last year, this year I had a nice, quiet weekend in Long Beach Island with the future hubs.

JEGs was able to scoot out of work early on Friday, and we started our trek to the shore house. Two hours later, we were sitting at a table with my parents with a piping hot plate of southwestern chicken.

After dinner, JEGs gave me my birthday gift-- a new digital camera . I proceeded to take about 55 pictures within the next hour.

JEGs was super proud of his wrapping job- he used paper from the office and printed out a personal message.

the local church my family attends

can you see why I love it here?

After dinner settled, we headed to Rita's for some wooder ice

Swedish Fish water ice-- oh yeah.

The next afternoon we got up and hit some of the local yard sales. I snagged a couple frames for a dollar, and this awesome chair for $10 (that post is coming up soon). We did a quick stint at the beach, but Mother Nature was being a bish and not cooperating. Even though it was cloudy, I still managed to get burnt on the back of my legs. I swear my skin is magical.

When we headed home, my Daddy-O was cooking steaks on the grill..

nothing comes between a man and his grill

...and I continued to snap 1000 more pictures with my new sexxay camera

Sunday (my actual birthday) we went to the beach in the afternoon, and then headed up to the lighthouse. We walked around for a bit before it started to rain.

Then we stopped at a little restaurant in Surf City for dinner and I pretty much ate my weight in Eggplant Parmesan. Afterwards we meandered over to the Surf City Hotel bar and I proceeded to get drunk. I became best friends with the lady sitting next to me, and she had everyone in the bar sing Happy Birthday to me. When she found out we were getting married, she doled out some pregnancy/ labor advice (apparently it is imperative to get an epidural because Demerol ain't gonna cut it). When I started to (loudly) tell everyone that I really was 29 and not just a 30something pretending to be 29, JEGs decided it was time to take me home.

This morning we woke up and he took me out to breakfast at ScoJo's were I battled my hangover with coffee and eggs benedict. Hooooly mother of god was that good.

Then we headed home. Rather, JEGs headed home-- I went to work.

We did get a little wedding business done while we were down there! Instead of a unity candle, we are doing a sand ceremony. We collected sand from 4th St (where we had our first kiss) and from the lighthouse (where we got engaged) for the ceremony.

JEGs scooping up some sand

Our little baggies of love
Well, all I have left to say is Hello, 29. It's nice to meet you.
Always & Forever (and a little older),


JEGs said...

You forgot about my lawnmower repair on saturday that ended up paying for dinner!! hehe.

LizzieBeth said...

You're right-- but I feel like that deserves it's own post.

Perhaps a guest blog by JEGs??

bethany said...

Happy B-day, June baby! :)

This sounds like the perfect weekend to cap off the series of twenty-something birthdays. How cute are you two...sand from two personally romantic spots? Wedding cute points like crazy.

And, by the way, that camera is taking some SERIOUSLY sexxay photos. Work it, girl.

Danielle and Clint said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I always feel as we get older, the birthdays get better.

LB's oldest Brother said...

I love that picture of JEG's sitting on the dock of the bay ;~}

You have a great eye sis.

Shannon said...

god i want a shore house. if not for the breakfast opportunities alone.

And thanks for having a low-key birthday with me this year. I know you planned it that way to make me feel better. Next year? We're doing it up. Right?