Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom

So what do you think this post is about??
If you thought 'decor' you are right?
You didn't? What were you thinking?
Dirty mind!

Anyway- I'm so over the decor in our bedroom. Like really over it. I would like new curtains and perhaps some new throw pillows as well. The first thing I really want to tackle, however, is the art over our bed.

Last year I created the above masterpiece before we moved in. I need something to fill the space, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. They did their job for a year.
But now my taste has changed I see how dull they are ( I am a Lizzie in Progress, after all). Here are some of my inspirations.

First and foremost, I love love love the idea of having our initials over our headboard, ala John and Sherry from Young House Love

Ours would have to be on a much bigger scale because we have nearly 7 feet from the top of our headboard to the ceiling.
The Youngsters also have this great collage in their living room that I thought JEGs and I could incorporate over the bed instead..

I also found this great Beatles lyric from Rockett St. George

I think this could be an easy DIY project with some scrap wood, paint and a little polyurethane. We wouldn't have to use the same lyrics either- we could personalize a little more for ourselves!

I also really love Dusty's "I-Don't-Get-It" Guest Room:

She collected a bunch of mismatched frames, spray painted them, and hung them above the bed. This would be great, as I will be yard-sale scouting this weekend. Hm....

I'm also a fan of FC's sunburst
I'm sure a good trip to Home Goods would score me something very similar- but I'm not sure if it would be in my price range.

Finally, I really love this idea of painting swirls on the back wall that I found on HGTV
However, that's probably going to be a crapton of work, and this is only an apartment. I don't plan on being here next year.

So.. thoughts? Anything pop out at you as the perfect solution? Any ideas of your own?

Always & Forever (changing things up),


Danielle and Clint said...

The beatle art is fab! It's my favorite song by them also. But I am not sure about over your bed...I think I would have to see what else you would be changing also. The initals are a cute idea!

JEGs said...'s my opinion..if it counts ;)

I like the initials idea. Its simple, clean, and unique.

I like the collage, but I feel like that would be WAY cooler over the television for everyone to see.

I LOVE the Beatles lyrics. A little dark...but maybe change the colors up. Otherwise, its awesome.

Not a fan of the hanging picture frames. Too busy, too hard to clean, and too much of a chance of me getting tangled in all that string.

No offense to FC...but the sunburst thing reminds me too much of one of those creepy dream catchers. I dont think I want to catch any of my dreams, especially the ones where Im aparently cursing someone out...

The swirls are cool...but too much work for our apt, like you said. I dont want to deal with painting them, or painting over them. And there really isnt that much exposed wall around our bed. Plus, I know you, in 6 months you'll want something else. So things that hang on the wall vs. things painted on the wall will be easier to deal with.

Just my $0.02. :) xoxooxox

Lisa said...

I really like the beatles lyrics. Like Justin said though, I would make it a different color. I also liked the initials, but would make them much bigger. I have also been thinking about what I should hang over my bed. My problem is that the appartment vibrates from all the truck trafic on 322 and I don't want to be decapitated in my sleep if something I put there falls down.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the Beatles lyrics. It's something you can always use somewhere. Never goes outta style.

(And, I totally had that same bedding set when we first got married. I've gone through like 4 bedding sets since then, but still. Poor Ryan's gonna have to get a second job to pay for my bedding addiction.)