Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY Flip Flop Basket

Right now I'm in a lull of the wedding planning process. I am still waiting for some RSVPs to roll in (*cough*hurrythehellup*cough*), and we still have to meet with the pastor to finalize the ceremony.

Since I had a little extra time, I decided to tackle a project that I wanted to do, but wasn't dead-set on: a flip flop basket.

Most women wear super sassy shoes to a wedding, but when it's time to get on the floor and cut a rug, the shoes end up sitting next to your chair at the table. At this point you have a couple choice. You can A.) dance around in your bare feet (ew), B.) bring a pair of socks and rock out like you are back in the 8th grade or C.) snag some complimentary flippity flops.

Really? Is there even a choice?

Michael's had a sale on flip flops so I grabbed a bunch in black in varying sizes

I printed up the sizes on cardstock, and used a silver dollar to trace a circle around the letters and individually cut them out. (Truth be told, I'm sure I could have gotten some sort of Martha Stewart gizmo that would have made perfect circles but I'm too cheap I love my guests enough to do it by hand).

Next, I punched a hole through the circle and threaded a ribbon through to create a little tag.

I fell in love with this cute patterned ribbon. I like how it the aqua and tangerine mimic our navy and orange theme, but it's a little more playful!

I added a little sign on the front of the basket with the punch line "Kick Off Your Shoes" and then listed the sizes. For some bizzare reason, Michael's flip flops come in Small, Medium and Larges and not numbered sizes.

The dotted line on the ribbon reminded me of those old school dance diagrams, so I added on for kicks and giggles.

Total Cost Breakdown:
Shoes: $22 (@ $1 each)
Basket: $12
Patterned Ribbon: $2 (@ $1 per spool)
Solid Ribbon: $4 ( I splurged a little on this one)
Total: $40
My Guests' Comfort Level: Priceless

Advice to Brides who want to do this:
1. Wait for a sale. Michael's has them on sale pretty much all summer long. A.C. Moore has some cute printed flip flops on sale every once in a while.
2. Not all sales are created equal. Old Navy usually has their coveted flip flops on sale for $1 around Memorial Day, but be prepared- the doors open at 7 a.m that day and by 7:15 a.m there WILL be a line around the store. Also, there is only 5 per customer, so bring your bridal party/friends/ family/ pay some strangers.
3. Have a good variety. With a guest count of 130ish people, I bought 22 pairs of flip flops. Michael's sizes run from XXS (about a 3/4) to XXL (12). I purchased 2 XS, 5 Small, 10 Medium, 5 Large. Review your guest list and judge accordingly.

I have to say this is probably the easiest project I've tackled so far. There was really nothing to it, and I think it will be muchly appriciated!

How about you, readers? Would you partake in complimentary flip flops at a wedding? Or are you the sensible-shoe type?



Shannon said...

I always appreciate this move. I went to a wedding 2 years ago where they had a basket of slippers. I think they ordered them from Oriental Trading b/c they were paper thin and crap. A pair of stripper heels would've been more comfortable. And they looked like old man slippers too, the big flopppy kind. Wtf are people thinking?

bethany said...

My gosh, Lizzie. So adorable. You are amazing. the very distant future...I am going to get married. And, you better fly your arse to Wisconsin, meet me and help me do all these thoughtful crafty little things (like a Just Married parasol)...or at least continue to blog about wedding business for a few more years. Lord knows my uncrafty, uncreative self will need some guidance! :)

LOVE IT! So stalkerish, but I can't wait to see your wedding photos in a few weeks!

Lisa said...

Love it. And I will probably use a pair. I was actually thinking of doing this for my wedding. Now I will look like a copy-cat... lol. Are you available for hire you have such great ideas???

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

May I just say that I'm loving your wedding posts? You're so crafty!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These are adorable? So thoughtful to your guests and a fun added touch

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Great idea! I never thought of a basket!

Freckles Chick said...

We were at a beach wedding where they provided flipflops (the ceremony was on the beach so sand got in everyone's shoes). Not only were they a hit, most of the ladies kept them all thru the reception & dancing too.

I'm always the one who wears stilettos then goes barefoot the minute I can, so flip flops get my vote!

Freckles Chick said...
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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I'm only 5 feet tall so yes, wearing high heels and dancing the night away could be painful. This idea is so cute. I wish I wuld have tough of it for my own beach wedding, but then again I was pregnant and I doubt I would have done it.