Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Resolutions: June Update

Can you believe it's time for the June 1st already? We are almost half way through the year!!

Anyway, it's time to update you all on my resolutions from the beginning of the year. In March I gave myself a C, so let's see how I did this month:

1. Get Married- still looking good. In fact, we picked up our marriage license last Friday!

2. Be On Time- I am actually really proud of myself because I have gotten a lot better. I had set the clock on my cell phone 15 minutes ahead to help keeps myself on time. Recently, I had to change it back because I was starting to arrive nearly 20 minutes early to everything! Don't get me wrong, I still have my slip ups now and then, but I have become much more responsible about my time management, and not leaving things till the last minute.

3. Weight Loss- For a while, I couldn't get past 123 pounds- no matter how much I tried! Finally, this past week, I broke through and hit 119! I feel really good, I'm eating better and I'm drinking A LOT more water. Now I just want to start toning up on my problem areas, namely the jiggly bits under my arms!

4. Make Money, Get PAYYYED- JEGs and I started our joint account in April. We had a little rough period- some bills were paid from the wrong account- but I think everything is on track. We have started a little savings, and (hopefully) when my car is paid off in August, we can add more to that savings!

5. My Pursuit of Happiness- I think what it really comes down to is that I haven't had any hobbies for a while. In the past I've had dance lessons, or cheerleading, or multiple jobs-- basically I'm someone that needs to be kept busy at all times. I think after the madness wedding is over, I am going to start taking a class of some sort.

I'm feeling pretty confident about giving myself a solid B in my progress report. I've still got a little room for improvement, but I'm doing much better since March.

So, how about you? Have you kept your resolutions? Or have they fallen by the wayside?

Always & Forever,


Danielle and Clint said...

Great job! I think I would give myself a C. The spring has gotten me a little off track.

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Good for you!
Me? not so much. I have not been able to concentrate on loosing weight, mainly because I have been sick and also my little one. I watched "Loosing it with Jillian Michaels" and she said: Trying is having the intention to fail.

So no more trying. I'm GOING to loose weight...even if I have to staple my mouth shoot.

Shannon said...

Dude, it's June? wtf? When did that happen? And when did I become an old lady that remarks about time flying? Ugghhh

Congrats on your progress, less than 50 days!! I'd give you at least a B+.

Oh and can you believe my plans of crashing your wedding have been thwarted by an all-day childbirth class that day? that's what I get for poor planning. Guess you'll see me on your honeymoon!