Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion: WF ISO LBD

My friend Justin and his loooovely fiance Shannon, are getting married in July at Mulberry Art Studio on July 4th of this year. Adding that wedding in with the 758 other wedding we have to attend in the up coming year, I've decided to upgrade my Little Black Dress.

The first one I found was at David's Bridal (of all places):

I love how sleek, and modern it is, but it still has a little personality with the one shoulder neckline and bow detail. I thought it would look great with some simple diamond earrings and these fabulous shoes I found at Kohl's:

With both the shoes and the dress on sale, the entire outfit would come in just over $100.
The only problem is, the only size they have left is a 26. I wear a 6, that math is not going to add up.

So my search continued.

I started to scour ebay and found a couple good looks:

This dress is verrrry similar to the original dress and is only another $5 more. According to the website it is black, but it appears more of a gunmetal grey to me. Either way, I think I might be in lust.
The next dress is a little different

Still has the one shoulder look, but it's a little softer with the chiffon and the ruffles. I don't know if I could pull of hot pink shoes with this though-- those ruffles are kind of intense. I think this is a black pump and a statement bracelet kind of dress.

Finally, this little number is definitely gun metal grey
I love the fact that it isn't black and I really love the modified sweetheart neckline. I think the ruching is very interesting, but I wonder: can it stand the test of time like the first two dresses- or is this just a one trick pony?

What do we think? Dead ringer dress? Ruffle Explosion? Or Sassy Greek Goddess?
If you are feeling crazy, feel free to throw some other ideas my way!
Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

Dude, um, you just found an awesome excuse to pig out. Someone's gotta fit in her size 26 ya know!

Anywho, I love the ebay one no matter if it's black or gray, I think that style would look amazing on you. And you could rock the pink shoes.

The last two seem a tad bit young to me. Not that you're an old lady but change that ruched one to hot pink zebra print and my cousin probably wore it to the prom. (she's a hussy).

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

You said if I was feeling crazy do here: My Sister is considering buying this dress from NY&Co...

Danielle and Clint said...

Sassy greek goddess! That color is awesome! Btw, I swear, everyone in the world is getting married right now! What the heck?

Jordan said...

The sassy greek goddess one for sure! It is so amazing! Heck, if you don't get it I may have to steal it from you! Ha Ha! I kid, I kid.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love all of the one shoulder options... but I'm also loving the idea of a little grey dress!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like the lookalike.