Friday, June 11, 2010

My New Favorite Dress

I bought this great little jersey dress the other day and I luurrrv it. It goes from work, to a night out with a fun little nautical twist!

I don't think there is anything more classic then black and white with pops of red and gold accents. The nautical elements- neckalce, clutch, even the rope detailing on the handbag, earrings and cuff- makes it feel oh-so-summery!

Isn't it fun? You can consider all these things packed for my birthday weekend in LBI!

Here is the shopping list: jersey dress $19.50, sand dollar necklace $14.99, white handbag $32.40, red flats $38.95, twisted gold hoops $3.80, faux leather anchor clutch $32.00, cuff bracelet $24.99, red platform pumps $29.99

Always and Forever,


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Shannon said...

It's adorbs! Ohhhh normal clothes, how I miss you. We'll be together again soon, I promise.

Have the best birthday weekend! I've only been to LBI once and I was underage so I probably didn't get the real deal. Whatevs, Hap Birth!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

That dress is crazy-cute (and cheap... so I love even more)!!

PS Thanks for the shout-out :).