Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mud Pot

On Saturday, our coffee pot puked all over the place. I don't know exactly what happened, but one minute JEGs was making coffee for our party guests, and the next minute- said coffee was all over the pot, breakfast bar, cabinets, and floor.

Ew. Just EW.
Ok, I'll come clean- this coffee pot was a yard sale find Mommacita gave us when we moved in. It never really gets "hot"- more of a luke warm and then we have to nuke it.
[Edit: So my mom didn't buy THIS coffee pot at a yard sale. She bought this brand-new from a store to keep at their shore house. She didn't like it because *surprise* it didn't get hot, so she bought a better one at a yard sale for $1 and gave this one to us. Back to the story...]
We've been talking about getting a new coffee pot for a couple months now. JEGs had a pretty one picked out, but the debate of actually purchasing it continued. The pot he wanted cost $79.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, OR we could pick it up on Buy for $60. I wanted to use the BB&B gift card that Captain G.L. Huey (Ruler of All Things Supereme, of course) had graciously given us for our housewarming, but JEGs didn't want to use the whole gift card on just one item. I argued I would rather spend $5 out of pocket to something we really want/ need now instead of $60 and save the gift card for who-knows-when.
Then, I sweetened the pot (no pun intended- ok, well maybe a little). We had OODLES of those 20% coupons from BB&B! Let's use one of those!
Two hours later, JEGs and I were picking out our brand new coffee pot:
And because you all know I'm a whore for showing off my savings, here is the proof:

...and we still have $7.17 left on the card, so we didn't use the whole card on one item like JEGs wanted, and we didn't have to spend any pocket money like I wanted.
Isn't compromise wonderful?
Here is our brand spankin' new, fully programmable, stainless steel(ish), non-puking, Cuisinart 12-cup Brew Central.
Oooo.. sexxxay.

Is this what being domesticated is all about? Getting excited about a coffee maker?
*sigh* I think my 'wild days' are over.
Always & Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

That is a great coffee pot. My bro has the older model of it and it's awesome. Especially for entertaining. Give JEGs a hi-5 for his excellent choice from YDB (but you can use my real name!)v

Since JEGs didn't want to spend the entire card on one thing, for spite, I would've spent that 7 and change on some of those bizarre things BB&B sells at the check out.

JEGs said...

I think the $7.17 is going to go towards a Brita pitcher. That plus another one of LB's expired 20% off coupons should get us a sweet discount! Or we'll go buy a bunch of junk haha. The gummy bears at the check out area were calling my name ;)