Saturday, October 10, 2009

At least she went out in style..

My very good friend Captain G.L. Huey, Ruler of All Things Supreme is a pilot for a medical helicopter. Today I recieved this text from him:

"Just picked up another victim of gravity... A drunk hooker
crashed her bicycle when her stillettos got caught in the pedals"

You can't make this stuff up.

Happy weekend all!



Jenny said...

Oh boy! It makes you wonder, why was a drunk hooker riding a bike? Where was she going, and why didn't she take her shoes off to ride? haha..

Shannon said...

I can't laugh. I've been there. Or somewhere very close :)

Dude! It was so awesome meeting you, you're the cutest! I'm sorry I had my nervous jump from random story to random story habit going on. Nonetheless, I'm pretty excited to see your work of art. Oh and I was going to remind you to take Before pics bc I kinda forgot :)