Friday, October 9, 2009

One man's trash... pt 2

Right about now, you are thinking 'please tell me LB did not go dumpster diving again'.

Well, the answer to that, my friends, is yes I did. I can't help it that the people of my complex throw out good furniture! But before you get mental pictures of me, head down in the dumpster, feet dangling out, let me tell you how it went down.

On Tuesday, I stopped in the office to pay rent, and on my way to meet up with Mommacita, I happened to notice the dumpster was removed from the trash area. Well behind it, I saw this little gem:

I didn't really have time to stop and pick it up, so I called JEGs and asked him if he could check to see if it was still there on his way home.

The entire day I am having dreams about this table. I was so excited to work on something and I kept thinking about whether I wanted to keep it or sell it. Then JEGs texted me later that day "no table"
Wa wa waaaaaaa.

That night after work, I had to throw away the recyclables from work (because I love Mother Earth, even if no ones in my office does) and I thought, 'Let me just check behind the dumpster'. Like a gleaming beacon of light, (or not) there it was! WOO HOOO! So I grabbed it, and worked on it all of Wednesday night and turned it into this:

Not too shabby, eh? I used Valspars Lily Muse still leftover from this project and this project.

There was a little water damage on the top, but I sanded it down as much as I could

it is still visiable, but not as bad as it was

I dumped the old, brass hardware and added a snazzy new one from Home Depot (sorry Allie!)

The hardware ended up being the most difficult thing. I needed a pull that was 3.5 inches between the two screws and most pulls are 3 inches or 4 inches with a few at 3.75 inches. It was a miracle that I finally found one that fit.
Not bad for 8 hours worth of work! Now I'll pop it up on Craigslist and see if I get any bites!

Always & Forever,


Jenny said...

Awesome job! I wish I had the time to do fun projects like that. I think it would be so rewarding - taking something ugly and outdated and turning it into something cute and usable.

Danielle and Clint said...

So cute! Great job!

Shannon said...

Did you list this on CL yet? I may have a use for it!

Jill said...

Like the other piece you rehabbed, excellent! Would look great in a beach cottage, maybe folks are looking on Clist to furnish their cottages?