Monday, October 26, 2009

The Loves of my Life...


Munchkins, Rugrats, little nuggets of cuteness, whatever you want to call them.

That's what today is all about. I have been surrounded by babies all weekend. My muchly missed friend Erleen posted pictures of her adorable daughter Ansley Elsa. Dusty posted her 29 week update. I know Shannanagins is crossing things off of her Pre-Baby Bucket List. And last but not least, my sister-in-law, Bryn, gave birth to my neice Skylar Allaine.

So in honor of all this happiness, I am dedicating this post to the little tykes in my life- my three neices and my nephew.

First up is Abigail Rose, also known as 'Doodles'. Abby is 4-years-old and is my oldest brother first daughter. She is sassy and I swear I did not teach it to her!

No photos, please!

She is such a sweet little girl, so caring and loving.

She loves to sing and dance, and right now she's all about the Doodle Bops and the Imagination Movers. She wants to be a cheerleader (that's mah girl!)

She also informed me on Sunday that I was her best friend. Hell yeah.

Next up is Abby's younger sister, Bridget Grace, or 'Boo'. Bridget is just turning two and is the jokester of the family. She loves to ham it up for the camera

Bridget has the best smile in the world. I think she is going to look just like me when she gets older- which, of course, is totally drop dead gorgeous!

She isn't talking quite yet (her sister does enough for the both of them ;) but when I asked her what was in her mouth, this is what I got:

I believe the answer was grapes.

My other brother has two of his own and the first is Owen Russell, or 'Lil Dude'. At 18-months, Owen is very shy, but you can tell there is a lot going on behind those beautiful blue eyes of his.

And yes, that is his father in the above picture. And yes, he looks A LOT like his mother. Like cloned.

I swear my mother isn't drunk in this picture.
Even though he's shy, word on the street is when he is home and in his element, he's quite the fun little guy!

Seriously? How can you not think this is the most adorable little boy?

As of Friday, Oct 23, Owen now has a little sister, Skylar Allaine. We are still working on a nickname, but it appears the front runner is SAM.

JEGs and I went to visit her in the hospital and she is just the sweetest little thing.

Aunt Lizzie x 4
I am so excited to see what Skylar is going to be like. Her parents are pretty kick-ass, so I'm sure she will be too. She already looks *just* like her brother.
And because I eat babies, we had to get the obligatory picture of it

Need more proof that I eat babies? Here is me with newborn Owen:

What can I say? They taste good with mustard.*
Anyway, back to Skylar. Here is the sweetest picture ever:

JEGs holding one of my babies (for the first time ever, as a matter of fact). It's safe to say my ovaries were screaming for the rest of the weekend.
There you have it ladies and gents- four of the cutest children in the world.

That's right Suri Cruise, you ain't got nothin' on these kids.

Always & Forever,

*totally a family inside joke. I don't really eat babies with mustard. Ketchup, maybe, but definitly not mustard.


Your Daily Barista said...

Congrats Aunt Lizziebeth. You do have a very lovely (and sassy) family. We should organize an Aunts Day Out with our little nieces and/or nephews. However, a car seat and a stroller won't fit into Bubbles. Maybe we should wait until they're are 16. This way they can be our designated drivers. hehe.

Shannon said...

babies! i've got quite the hankering for one. i just registered us this morning for a pre-baby seminar thing bc i'm a freak and i like to torture my husband on early saturday mornings. your nieces and nephew are adorbs!

Jenny said...

Adorable pictures! We went to a pre-marriage class last weekend (a prerequisite for getting married in the Catholic Church) and they decided to remind us every 5 minutes that our sole purpose in life was to make babies. (ok, so I exaggerate, but not by much, I swear!)

But we've got a long way to go before we are ready to have kids, so I keep tamping down the screaming ovaries. Plus I'm terrified of unruly children right now (seriously, we had to make a poster at the class about what we feared about marriage, and that's what we came up with). So for now, I suppose I should practice with other people's children!

Danielle and Clint said...

I love kids! They just make life fun!! Very cute :-)