Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOW it's a party

Today, we meet the wedding party!

Since we are proper on this blog, we shall introduce the ladies first:

Maid of Honor- Connie

Connie is my bestie and life partner. We knew each other in high school and hung out in the same crowd, but we weren't really friends. She was always the one organizing fun things for the group to do like mystery dinner parties and nights out. We really bonded our senior year of college when we went Daytona Beach for spring break. That was the week we became life partners and have been attatched at the hip ever since. Now we bond over our fabulousity, cosmos and the desire to be friends with gay men.

Bridesmaid- Tara

Tara is my cousin- she's like a built in best friend! In high school we worked in a retirement home together and, at one time, were even dating two guys who were best friends. Alas, when Tara went to college she moved to Penn State- and just never came back. :::sad face::: She is now living in Pittsburg, so I don't get to see her nearly as much as I would like, but I still consider her one of my very dearest friends.

Bridesmaid- Aileen

Aileen is also a cousin- Tara's younger sister in fact! Since I grew up in a house with all brothers, Tara and Allie were the closest thing I had to sisters and I really do think of them as that. Not only does Allie hook me up with sweet books of wallpaper, but her dry sense of humor cracks me up! She is an incredibly caring person, and I know I can always depend on her to have a full conversation over texting!

Now on to the boys...

Best Man- Mike

JEGs and Mike are very much like Connie and me. They were friendly in high school, but it wasn't until later that they started to really hang out. The first time I met Mike was at JEGs 21st birthday where he amazed me with his CD art. They started to wrench on cars together and when JEGs was looking to switch schools and majors, Mike suggested a program he was looking in to. Two years and a couple liquid lunches later, they graduated with the same degree. Now they are best buds, and I'm still not 100% sure they aren't gay for each other.

Groomsman- Joey V.

JEGs met Joey when he was working at AutoZone. I will never forget the first time JEGs mentioned him, it was something to the tune of, " You gotta meet this guy Joe. He's crazy. He just told his wife if she calls the store one more time, he's gonna burn the house down". After working with each other for a few months, they just clicked.

Groomsman- Tim

Tim is another one of those I-knew-you-in-high-school-but-we-weren't-friends kind of guy. You know how every group of friends has that one guy who knows everything? Yeah, that's Tim. He's like Google- but funnier.

Flower Girl- Doodles

Doodles is my 4-year-old neice who is already psyched about being my flower girl. This ought to be interesting because she loves to be the center of attention. ;)

Ring Bearer- W

W is JEGs cousins' son. What does that make him? Nephew? Cousin? I don't know. But I can tell you he is cute as a button.

There you have it! Eight of our most favorite people in the world, and we are honored to have them in our wedding.

Always & Forever,

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