Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spellin Bee

I saw this sign on the way home from cheer practice the other day:


Whoever wrote this must be really smrt. ;)

Always & Forever,


Jodie said...

First, a disclaimer...*I feel like I am at liberty to say this because I'm a PA girl (born and raised) and my in-laws live in the Philly area, so here goes...

You do live near Philly, did you expect anything less? :)

*Again, said with PA love (and hopefully not taken the wrong way)!

LizzieBeth said...

haha, Jodie- you are so right. I'm used to the 'G' going AWOL on a lot of words, but I didn't realize we were cutting the last letter off of every word ;)


bethany said...

Um...awesome! On top of missing a rather integral letter, I love that this is SERIOUSLY written on a sign with magic marker. Keeping it classy :)