Friday, October 16, 2009

Heavenly Soles

I love shoes. They are like heaven to me.
When I find a fabulous pair of shoes, I wear the piss out of them.

Example A: My faux snake skin, red metallic wedges.

Oh god, I love these shoes, and I think it shows! Every girl needs a fabulous pair of red shoes, and I loved these because of the blue metallic that ran through them. They looked great with my teal jersey dress. But like I mentioned before, I destroyed these shoes.

Let's take a closer look...

First let's start off with that hole, second from the peep toe. It wasn't originally that big- somehow my little toe busted through.

I managed to wear off the classy gold lame lining of the shoe. This is actually a little embarrasing, and I am thinking maybe a good pedicure is needed...

Each side of the peep toe is holding on by threads- literally. You can hear them calling for help as I walk by. "I canna do it Cap'n. I just don' have the powwa!"

And as for the the heels of the shoes... yeaaaah. I'm... not... quite sure how I was able to do this. This is a conumdrum to me.

As Douglas MacArthur said, "An old soldier never dies, he just... fades away..."
Who am I kidding? These are D.E.A.D.

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

I could do the same post except with less cute shoes. I tear these puppies up. And I despise socks, so obviously, all my shoes smell amazing. Wow, did I just write that? I'm gross.

Jenny said...

I love this post - hahaha.. I do this with flats allllll the time. I buy an awesome pair, wear them til they fall apart under my feet, and buy another pair almost exactly like them. I'm not as big of a heel person, but I've definitely gone through several pairs of the zip-up black heeled boots that go well with my work clothes. Oh how I wish shoes lasted longer!!!