Friday, October 2, 2009

Mark the Calendar...

I ordered our Save the Dates today!!!


(sorry stalkers, you don't get to know our address or real names).
I am so excited because I used VistaPrints and only had to pay $6.59 for shipping! They should be arriving here on Oct 23, and hopefully JEGs and I will have them out by Oct. 25.
Always & Forever,


bethany said...

How the peachy goldenrod color! T minus nine months and you will be in nuptial city :)

Jenny said...

Hi! I just clicked on over here from Thrifty Little Blog and was scrolling through your posts (excellent blog by the way!). I'm so glad you posted your StDs because I've been trying to get mine out for months now! We're getting married next June and I will have to use you as a wake up call (since your wedding is after mine). Awesome blog - I'll definitely be stopping by again!