Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend. Let's start at the beginning:


My brother Andy was in from L.A. and surprised me with tickets to the Phillies vs. Red Sox game that was sold out. I went with JEGs and my two brothers Andy and Tim. We had really good seats- Section 109 which was right along the first base line:

The view from our seats

Andy, JEGs, Me and Tim

right after Ryan Howard hit a homer to tie the game

...and by the 13th inning I was getting tired.
It was a long game. They played until 11:30pm and lost in the 13th inning. It was a still a great game though. On the way home I was so proud of myself for being able to get from Citizens Bank Park back to aroud apartment, until I pulled off 476 and have no idea where I was. I think we went up and down a 1 mile stretch of road about 4 times until we figured out what direction we had do go. We didn't get to bed until almost 2 am.
..and I had to be up at 5:30 am (0r at least that was the plan. My actual awake time was closer to 6:15 am) to help my sister-in-law at a community flea market.
I decided that since it was my birthday, and I can do whatever the hell I want, I was going to wear a tiara all day. And I did. So when I pulled up to the flea market at 7 am, I was rockin' my tiara.
me and my younger niece, Bridget. And the aforementioned tiara.

I actually made out pretty good at the flea market. I had a couple knick knacks, curtians, microwave, clothes ,etc, that I just wanted to get rid of stuff and, as JEGs said, it was NOT coming back into the apartment. I left with and extra $40 in my pocket and anything that didn't sell was donated to the Langhorne Open Space Society (or something to that effect).

I did pick up these little jems while checking out other people's stands:

a fabulous cocktail ring for $3, a bracelet that I haggled down to $1 and $1 earrings that I am totally wearing right now as I type. They are so much fun.
Anyway, I drove back to the apartment about noon to begin my day with JEGs. When I got home there were flowers waiting for me:

he knows I love purple
JEGs promised to take me to this place called "Cosign-it" in Kennent Square because, as some of you may remember, I have a vision and really want a buffet (Remember my bone of contention?) . We figured instead of shelling out 300 clams for something new, we would find something old and rehab it. We saw a couple things that we liked, but nothing we were ready to jump on. I did see a chaise lounge that I would have LOOOVED to put in the boudoire, but there just isn't enough room. Dang it.
After we left Cosign-it, I realized that I hadn't really eaten anything other then a Bagelfull all day. JEGs friend Mike had recommend this place in Kennent called Half Moon so we checked it out:

They served a lot of wildlife game like Elk and ostrich, which I would have normally ventured a taste, but I wanted something a little lighter and familiar. I got a delish swiss and gorgonzola quiche and JEGs was the crazy adventurer and got gator gumbo (soup with alligator, shrimp and sausage) and crab nachos. He enjoyed them.
The best part about the lunch was the actual dinning room. We sat upstairs in the "atrium" and it was amazing. The walls were brick about halfway up, and then the top part was glass garage doors that were opened. It was so cool because it was storming but we weren't getting wet!

still rockin' my tiara at lunch

JEGs got a chalice of beer.

Behind him you can see the garage doors that were the windows
our view of the stormy weather

After lunch we headed to a birthday celebration for JEGs' grandfather ( well if I have to share my birthday with someone, it might as well be him ;). As soon as we walked in, everyone wished me happy birthday, and his Aunt Brenda gave me a cookie on a stick that said 'Happy Birthday'.

I thought that was so sweet of her, especially since we really don't see that side of the family that often. To be completely honest, I don't think I've seen them in about 2 years. So the fact she took time out to do that for me was very touching.

Unfortunatly that storm that was sooo cool to watch from Half Moon was not that cool to drive home in:

For months I had been talking about dressing up as Holly Golightly for my birthday. I was so excited, and this is how it turned out

We headed out to Manayunk to this place called Bourbon Blue. I met up with my bestest, Connie and her boyfriend Joey, and old friend from high school Julie, and Zac and his new lady friend, Allison (AMO, as I call her) around 10. We had such a blast drinking and chatting and watching Julie hit on some dude in a suit upstairs. Around 11:30 we moved downstairs to listen to the band. Around midnight some other friends joined up and I was preeeeety tipsy at that point ;) I think Jules and I danced most of the night (her mostly because she thought the lead singer was hot). We left around 1:30 and JEGs made me peanut butter toast cause I had the drunkie munchies.
Connie and I. You can tell I'm getting tipsy because my eyes are WIDE open

this is my favorite picture of the night. It looks like I'm having such a blast
The original plan was to chillax and hang by the complex pool all day, but JEGs friends Bonnie and Andy called us and invited us to her mom's pool. I wish I had taken pictures of her backyard. It is so beautiful, like something you would see in a magazine. We always jump at the chance to hang out there. So we grabbed our suits, popped out the T tops in JEGs' firebird and hopped on the turnpike to their place
it's a good thing I didn't try to style my hair that day
We spent a couple hours there swimming with friends and then we headed to my parents house for a family dinner. June is a busy month in our family; other then Father's Day, my mothers birthday is on the 7th, mine on the 13th and my dad is on the 18th. Plus my brother Tim and his wifes wedding anniversary is on the 16th. So we did one big Happy-Birthday-Fathers-Day-Anniversary Dinner for everyone. My momma made pork loin (which I looove) and we all hung out with each other and watched the kids play. I have to say the cutest moment is when my 20-month old niece Bridget gave my 14-month old nephew Owen a kiss. Too cute!
In conclusion, I had the best birthday weekend. I really want to thank JEGs for treating me like a princess. Not just today, but all year round. Love you so much.
Always and Forever,

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