Monday, June 29, 2009

Buffet Rehab

You all remember my Bone Of Contention, right?

I originally wanted the Cabria Buffet from Crate & Barrel, but let's be honest, I don't have an extra $700 to throw around. I was willing to spend $150 (before supplies) and maybe to $200 if I found something I loved. Then, I found this little gem on Craigslist:

A pine cabinet with really good bones and loads of potentional. Last Saturday JEGs and I drove to Depford, NJ and I picked this up from a nice family who was moving to Florida and didn't want to move the furniture with them.

The price?
Hell to the yeah.

We loaded it up and headed back to PA.
Work Day One (aka Monday) JEGs and I sanded it down.

Originally I wanted something about 36 inches tall and this was only 29.5 inches, so JEGs and I took off the old legs and added new ones from Lowes.

old legs vs new legs

you've got new legs Lt. Dan!

After we attatched the legs we started staining. I decided on Minwax's Aegean because I wanted it to really stand on its own and not blend in with the other woods that were in the great room.

after a couple coats of stain...

those empty kitty litter boxes were perfect for us to put the shelves on while they dried

I bought new hardware for the drawer and doors. I picked out Targets Double Beaded Knob for the drawer and the 3" Pull for the two doors:

We headed over to Ikea and picked up two of the LACK shelves. At $19.99 they were a total steal, and we found one in the "As Is" department that had a scrape on the top, but was otherwise fine for $5.99. I was so elated that I was practically like the woman in the commercial screaming "START THE CAR!"

Anyway, the final product:

We went with the darker shelves and then I popped some freshness in with white frames and accessories. I just love the way it flows with the rest of the Great Room:

The final cost breakdown:
Buffet: $60
Stain and supplies: $31.27
Hardware: $33.18
Shelves: $27.53
Total Cost: $151.98
about $2 more then I was going to spend on just the furniture.

I. am. the bomb.

It took a week of sweat, tears, bug bites and a lot of hemming and hawing about the stain, but I am soooo happy with the way it came out. Also, many thanks to Joey and Connie for letting us hijack their garage for a week.

Always & Forever,


Shannon said...

Hahaha love the Lt Dan comment, awesome!

This looks awesome! especially with the shelves, it totally pulls it together. This is one of those projects that I would be really excited about, then after sanding, removing doors, etc, I would lose patience and it would sit in my garage half-finished. So yay to you for getting it done...and so pretty!

Erin Schularick said...

It looks really great! I wish I could see the potential in things like you can. You're becoming quite the Martha :)

Freckles Chick said...

I LOVE that this is a "lizziebeth original"! The floating shelves pull the whole vignette together beautifully. ADORE.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Wow, the whole thing turned out amazing! I especially love the leg hack that you did! Thank you so much for linking up so that I could see this :).

Danielle and Clint said...

WOW! You even posted this on my bday, so it was an even better treat!! Looks amazing painted!