Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fabulous June

I won't lie, June was a rough month. I have been crazy stressed out as well as super busy. But that doesn't mean there aren't some fabulous things about the month of June!

1. The Return of ErinDoyle
Ok, so it wasn't really the return of Erin, but she did come visit from Atlanta during the first week of June. And on that Saturday she was surprise baby shower. She is popping out her first little munchkin in October and I am so super excited for her!!

2. Tiger Lilies
Tigerlilies are my all time favorite flowers. You've probably seem them on the side of the road or around your neighbors mailboxes. They bloom in the middle of June and to me it is the offical beginning of the summer when I see them sprouting on the side of the road!

3. The Hangover
Funniest movie I have seen in a long time. I cannot wait to go to OBX chocked full of quotes.

Am I missing a tooth?

4. Jon and Kate +8

I am such a sucker for this show. I know it technically premiered in May, but I'm adding it to my June post because I didn't get to start watching it till June (i heart on demand). I fell in love with this show in the second season. I loved watching the day to day tasks with a family of 8. I thought it was amazing how well organized everything was! I bowed down to Kate, Queen of Organization. By Season 4 I was totally over the show, as you could tell Jon was. Watching them going on trips and then home to their multi-million dollar mansion got old really quick. They weren't a humble family anymore- they were super stars. Now it's a guilty pleasure as I watch Kates fall from grace. You have to admit, she is kind of a bitch. And really, what is with that hair??? JK+8 Jon - 9

4. Birthdays and Anniversaries
June is a month chocked full of birthdays and anniversaries in my family. My birthday was on the 13th, Mommacitas on the 7 and Daddy-O's on the 18. My brother Tim and his wife Bryn celebrated their 2nd year of wedded bliss (and about to celebrate their second bundle of joy too!) as well as Erin has 3 years under her belt on the 24th and my friend Whitehall tied the knot two years ago today. And although it's not a wedding anniversary, JEGs and I celebrated 8 years together- but who knows.. maybe there will be a wedding in our future soon!
So there you have it, another month gone by. See ya next year, June!
Always & Forever,

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Erin Schularick said...

I'm so excited to have made your Fabulous June list :) It was so wonderful to see you all!

I LOVED the Hangover. Seriously, funniest movie I've ever seen.

John & Kate Plus 8 is also a guilty pleasure of mine. Kate is a bitch and John is a pushover and is having a midlife crisis I think. But, none the less, I watched every episode. I feel guilty everytime I do too.

Love you girl!