Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A is for Availible and that's it.

My quest for the perfect keychain contiunes.

First I have to say I had an old flame note that I don't have a bottle opener on my keyring..
Uh, yeah. I'm not that kind of girl. To be fair, we dated when I was 16 and he lives in New York now. I guess my levels of fabulosity don't translate well over the pages of Facebook.

After I posted my match.com ad , I've been on the prowl. Nothing too serious- a couple coy looks, some intense eyecontact and some overly friendly touching, but nothing I was ready to take to dinner.

On Sunday I was in Hallmark and I picked up this little number by the cashier:

It was even inscribed with the letter 'A' on the front! Obviously that was for me! So I picked it up and carried it around as I started collecting my cards for the month of June (it's a busy month. I knew I was going to be there for a while).

As I was walking around the floor we flirted with each other. I traced the letter on the front and stared into it's shiny facade. After a couple laps around the 'birthday section' I was even so bold as to open the locket (I move fast, what can I say?) and looked inside. There were two spaces for pictures to be displayed. Perfect! Obviously this chain appriciated family, why else would there be room for pictures?? What a perfect place to store memories of my nieces and nephew!

As I rounded the corner and decended on the 'anniversary' section (like I said, it's a busy month) things started to go sour. I noticed the hinge for the locket was very loose and looked like it may not last too long. Obviously this one has been around the block a few times. Also I have one nephew and two neices (soon to be three). After much debate I realized I wanted 4 kids, this only had room for 2. This was NOT a subject to be compromised on.

I started to think that maybe this wasn't the match made in heaven hallmark like I thought it would. I found it by the cashiers so it's pretty safe to assume it just wants someone to take it home. I'm not the kind of girl who just takes something home. Sure, it was pretty and all, but is not the kind of thing I bring home to my parents. The quality was not there.

So as I paid for my stack of cards, I slowly placed the keychain back in it's holder. The cashier asked if I changed my mind and I said, "He's a one-night stand. I'm looking for something a little more long term."

As I left the store I realized that the right one is out there- just not in Hallmark.

Always & Forever,


Your Daily Barista said...

That whore.

Your Daily Barista said...

instead of a keyring how about Key Bling?