Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Got my mind on my money..

I guess the first thing I should address is the new look to the blog. I decided to dress it up a little. What do you think??

Since I've moved into the a.p.t I've realized my dollar needs to stretch a little more. I have become a coupon-clipping, deal-finding maven, and I think the best way to prove this is to show you the reciept from my last grocery trip:

See all that dark type? That's savings baby!!! Between the coupons I brought and keeping an eye out for the items I needed that were on sale, I saved $10 on the 20 items I bought.

What? You don't believe me? Well here is the proof:

BOO-YAAA! 10 smackers baby! In yo face!
Ok, maybe you aren't excited as I am, but that's 10 dollars I can spend elsewhere, like finally getting plants for the outside.
And in the spirit of saving money, check out my new fav blog You Paid More Than Me

Always & Forever,

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