Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Venue Crashing: The People's Farmhouse

On Saturday JEGs and I checked out The Farmhouse and the People's Light and Theater Company in Malvern (how's that for a name?).

I was so excited about this place because I thought this was exactly what we were going to be looking for- an old farmhouse with that cozy feel.

We pulled up and met Shane, the chef and owner. Shane was a hyperactive and very blunt Irishman. First thing he did was sit us down and tell us what we should and shouldn't be looking for in venues. Then after 20 minutes of telling us how fabulous he was, he showed us around.

The ceremony would take place in the backyard. It was very quaint and the flowers were beautiful.

Before I go any further, there is something I have to point out. Here is GoogleMaps view of the Farmhouse:

See that white arrow? That is the ceremony location. The blue arrow? A very busy road. It was kind of noisey during the tour...

Anyway, after the ceremony the cocktail hour was held on the back porch, under a tent

The porch from the ceremony site

Looking out from the doors
...and from there we would move inside to the dining room

If it rained, the ceremony would be transplanted to the attatched theater's lobby

the refreshment area in the first picture would be covered by a floor to ceiling curtain and the board on the wall in the second picture would be taken down. They did have these cool orb things hanging from the ceiling though

.. they kinda reminded me of something you would see in Super Mario Brothers.

What we liked about The Farmhouse:
  • Plan B- I liked that the Plan B was in a completely seperate area so we didn't have to worry about moving chairs back. Plus the lobby had a lot of character to it.
  • Food- It was supposibly really good. Just ask the chef. He'll tell you all about it.
  • Chairs- I know this sounds silly, but I really hate folding chairs. The chairs in the pictures are owned by The Farmhouse

What we didn't like about The Farmhouse

  • Character- remember when I said the lobby for Plan B had character? Well that was about it. Everything else was just blah.
  • Noise- I think that picture says enough. Those bushes didn't buffer a whole lot.
  • Space- I liked the area for cocktail hour, but it was right on top of the gardens. If the photographer backs up to take a picture of us, he's going run into someone swigging a beer! Also the dance floor was soooooo super tiny. Shane said we could add more, but that in turn, costs more.
  • Food- I would be getting married in jeans with flowers I picked from the side of the road because the price of the food ate up our whole budget (no pun intended).
  • Options- there were no options, or any place to do anything else with.

Also, we weren't sent home with a packet of information- something else I didn't like.

Basically, this place was a HUGE let down for me. I was so upset on Saturday night because I pretty much had the invite written out. Teaches me to put all my eggs in one basket.

So, I think it's pretty safe to say The Farmhouse is off the list. Fear not though, we have other venues to crash!

Always & Forever,


Note: My apologies if anyone felt that I was describing Shane as a pompus ass- he was very friendly! He was blunt and to the point, and we did appriciate that. However, after about an hour, we got a little tired of hearing how wonderful he is.

I am by no means bashing this venue- it just wasn't the venue for us. We ended up booking a venue for a MUCH MUCH better price. WE got everything WE [not just me] wanted and more


Shannon said...

I've always heard bout this place but had never seen it. Now I can cross that off my list. Any reason to avoid Shane. Although, I 'd probably be willing to listen to him all night if he had the accent. I'll do anything for an accent. Wow, that sounded dirty. Nevermind.

You are being so logical and smart with your pros and cons, I'm very impressed. And I think you're right on the money about this place.

Anonymous said...

I got married at the farmhouse 3 years ago and it was great, we have since gone back many times and enjoy the "blunt irishman" at least he was honest and evrything he said he would do he did. At $92 per guest the price was great. maybe you are just one of those people who wants the world but doesn't want to pay for it. we also did our ceremony there and the noise was not even a factor. Oh and by the way the recently won best of main line for their weddings. I pity your husband to be that is of course you are actually getting married.
Dr Jennifer Burgerhoff

jane-tiernry said...

I am getting married next summer and the Farmhouse was one of the Places we had heard so much about that we had to check it out, We read your review ( I use that word very loosley)but decided to check it out anyway. We met Shane and again from your decription were expecting some pompus ass. he was wonderful, so nice, so friendly he didn't try to sell us he talked to us.He was honest unlike the author of this piece and by the way their prices are cheaper than the other places you mentioned and the have a better reputation.