Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Venue Crashing: Pen Ryn Mansion/ Belle Voir

Disclaimer- Mostly all of these photos were straight up stolen from the Pen Ryn website. We totally dropped the ball and didn't really take a whole lot of photos on this trip... well, JEGs did, but I forgot about them. Oops.

Today Venue Crashing in ON SALE!!! TWO FOR ONE!!! Supplies are Limited!!

Ok, so maybe they aren't on sale, BUT you do get two for one- mostly because they are on the same property ;)

First up is Pen Ryn Mansion, located in my home town- Bensalem, PA (Go Owls!)

Pen Ryn dates back to 1744, but in 1893 Lucy Warton Drexel (those names should sound familiar) purchased it and nearly doubled it's size by adding servents quarters, library art gallery and carriage house.

This place holds a special place in my heart because my brother Russell was married here in April 2004.

Back to the task on hand... the grounds are beautiful. The mansion faces the Delaware River and offers the most amazing views

The wedding is held on the front lawn under a pergola with the river as the back drop

Plan B is to move all tables to one side of the ballroom and set up a white sheet for a backdrop

Place cards are set on a table located just before the ballroom. I had to show this picture because I love love love this chandelier

The ballroom is huge and very lovely. I have a thing with big, pretty windows. They make me happy.

Next up is Belle Voir. They are literally a stones throw away from each other- as in located on the same property .

"It looks like a Columbian drug lords house"- JEGs

Again, this place has meaning to me because my friend Erin got married here in June 2006 (it wasn't built yet for Russell's wedding).

The grounds here are lovely too, and the ceremony is in a courtyard just off the lobby of the hall

Plan B is the same as it is in for Pen Ryn- all the tables are pushed aside and a curtain seperates the ceremony.

Cocktails are served in the Grand Hall

The reception is held in the Ballroom, which looks very similar to the ballroom in Pen Ryn- huge windows and doors. Except the views look out on to the river.

What we liked about Pen Ryn/Belle Voir
  • Character- honestly, the views were out of this world. The property is secluded so it's just you, the river and a big 'ole house. Both places were oozing with elegance (does elegance ooze? That sounds contridictory...??)
  • Space- oodles of space. Tons of room for people to meander inside and out.
  • Convience- they offer catering, and a cake along with the ceremoney and reception site.
  • Price- due to the economy they were able to hook. us. up.
  • Food- I remember the food being decent at both sites.

What we didn't like about Pen Ryn/Belle Voir

  • Location- It would be a hike for JEGs side of the family, but only 20 minutes for my family (and more like 5 for my Grandmother).
  • Dates- ALL Saturdays were booked for Pen Ryn for the whole summer. Not sure about Belle Voir, the girl still hasn't gotten back to me.
  • Been there, done that- My brother got married at Pen Ryn. Erin got married at Belle Voir. I would like to find something that is my own...

At the end of the day, we decided that Pen Ryn wasn't totally off the list. We could make it work. More place to come!!

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