Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First time for everything...

Last night, I went to my first ever "Death Party".

I mentioned last week, my sister-in-law's mother, Kay, passed away on Friday. Kay was like no one else, that's for sure, and I have to mention she donated her body to science. She always said "I want to be the skeleton in the back of a classroom". Yeah, that was the kind of person Kay was.

To begin with, there was a memorial service at a funeral home. When you walked in, you were listening to the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Creedance, and other great rock softly in the background. Around the rooms were posters with her pictures, and quotes that she lived her life by. Some from Mick Jagger, one from the Dahli Lama, and one that really stuck out to me was something to the effect "You can either sit around waiting to die, or do something."

After a friend and pastor gave a nice eulogy, all that attended were invited to the Rosebank Winery for the offical death party. There was food, wine, beer, etc and plenty more music to listen to. After everyone had a chance to eat, the microphone was turned on and anyone who wanted to could go up and share funny stories or memories about Kay. There were plenty of laughs to go around.

The whole night had a general fun vibe to it. No one really cried- Kay wouldn't have liked that. Her idea was not to grieve for her passing, but to reflect on the fun times during her life.

Well, we had a blast last night Kay, and I hope you approved.

Always & Forever,


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I haven't been to any of these parties either. It actually sounds like an easier goodbye compared being in a room with everyone sobbing. Kay does sound like she was a really great person!

Shannon said...

Now that's a title that should get some interesting traffic to your blog.

But seriously. That. is. awesome. I've heard a million people say they are going to do something like this when they die...maybe they just don't tell anyone because everyone I've ever been to has been doom and gloom. Kay sounds like she was a lot of fun, I'm sorry you had to lose her.

Shannon said...

duh, I thought " I went to my first ever death party" was your title. Now, THAT should attract some characters.

Jenny said...

That sounds amazing. I think I need to write a will and put something like this in it. I think people should celebrate the lives of people who pass, rather than be weepy and sad.