Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knockin around some ideas...

Who wants to talk about weddings today?

Oooo! I do! I do!

I've made a mood board for my upcoming nuptials:

Here is the breakdown:
JEGS and I sat down and kind of decided on the dates June 19 or July 10 of 2010. The general feeling we are going with is casual elegance. I am really feeling dark blues with pops of orange- I think they are very summery, but still sophisticated. My favorite flower is the tiger lilly, so I love the idea of carrying a bouquet of them. And how about those center pieces in the upper righthand corner? So simple, yet so elegant.

I was thinking about using a lighthouse silhouette on the invitation. I felt it was only fitting since we got engaged at Barnegate Lighthouse.

I love these bridesmaids dresses from JCrew. A simple cocktail gown that I think they would be able to wear again. Just below it is a silk tie for the men. No tuxes here- let's just do a nice suit.

I really love the idea of an outdoor ceremony, and better yet, I love the idea of having the ceremony and the reception in the same place. I hate that awkward 3 hours you have to kill sometimes between. JEGs and I went to a wedding in Whitehall, PA and killed 2 hours in a pet shop. I'd like to see you try that.

This wedding cake is so pretty- and exactly the colors I want! I think I might have to bring this with me when we go cake shopping.

How about those shoes at the top? Those aren't for the bridesmaids, those are for me! First off, since JEGs is about 6'4 and I'm only 5'2 I'm going to need a little umph in my step. Plus, why should I have to get boring white shoes that I'll never wear again? Forget that, I'm rockin' some blue silk heels.

Are you wondering about my dress? Sorry kids, I'm keeping that under wraps. A girl has to have some secrets, right?

Always & Forever,

images from jcrew, benjaminmoore, zappos,, and theknot


Shannon said...


the blue shoes are amazing and will make for cute pics. and i love simple, modern cakes. and i wholeheartedly vote for jcrew dresses. none of my friends have let me have one yet but i'm crossing my fingers.

dude im so pumped to be around for your wedding planning...if most brides weren't such beotches, i would totally be a wedding planner, i love this crap a little too much.

Jodie said...

I absolutely love it all! The centerpiece looks amazing and so does the cake and the color combination is just lovely!

I would just like to put it out there that having a back-up plan for an outdoor ceremony is always a great idea. My hubb and I planned to have ours outdoors and last minute switched to indoor-- lucky for us because it down-poured 10 mins before the ceremony began! Just a thought!

LizzieBeth said...

thanks for the advise Jodie!
That is actually number one on my list. I went to a wedding an few years back that was supposed to be outside and their back up plan was everyone standing in a room while the bride walked down some stairs in front of us. I didn't get to see ANY of the wedding and about 10 mintues before it was over the bar started setting up for the cocktail hour and totally stole everyone's attention. The place we pick MUST have a good plan b.


bethany said...

Ugh...I hate that awkward wait between the ceremony and the reception. I've totally time-killed by hanging out at Dairy Queen. Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go...

Your color scheme looks lovely! And, fabulous idea with the shoes. White shoes always feel a little too clean and matchy-matchy!

Hope your planning brings you some sunshiney cheer, that I'm sure you need today. :)

Amanda said...

I'm so new to your blog but I couldn't resist looking at this post. I'm planning my wedding for 5-15 of 2010 and it's always nice to find more engaged ladies to chat with:)