Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Ramblings.

*I share the bathroom at work with one, maybe two other chicks in the whole building. I keep a toothbrush in this bathroom because when I am on the day shift I eat my cereal, nap and sometimes drink coffee. I don't want my breath being all stank-ified in the cockpit so I take a little time to scrub my pearly whites. Yesterday I came into work and my toothbrush AND toothpaste had been thrown out!!! WTF??? I'm going to have to have a chat with the cleaning people. Can anyone translate "If you throw out my toothbrush again, I'm going to chain your stupid little dog on the tarmac" into Spanish for me??

*On September 26 I am going dress shopping (Eeeeeeee!!!) so I thought I'd start toning up and really watching what I eat now so I can look all sorts of fabulous in the dresses now. Well, that was until Poppa G (JEGs dad) dropped off 5 lbs of his famous sausage lasagne rolls. I'm not kidding about the 5 lbs either. I weighed it. I am not about to waste that cheese goodness. Uh yeah.... those pounds aren't coming off any time soon.

yes, I totally did a photoshoot with lasagne- at 4:30 am.
*Kate Gosslin was co-hosting The View this morning. Kate, you have eight kids at home. Maybe you should stop trying to be a superstar and go back to being a mom. Just a thought.

*I fell asleep on the toilet this morning. And I wasn't drunk. Or eight years-old. Just really tired.

*I hope Shannanigans is back from Haiwii. I miss reading her blog.

*I was really excited to finish my coffee this morning after a flight and when I got back, there were two fruit flies floating in it. This is because Zac likes to keep rotting fruit in the office. Thanks Pudding Pop

Always & Forever,

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Shannon said...

It's 4:00pm...I'm starving...staring at that lasagne. I love when food comes wrapped in rolls and other assorted bundles...pigs in a blanket for example.

I'm sure you've seen Kate's new hair-do...what's the LB opinion? I like it a lot. Of course, it couldn't really get any worse.

Awww you like me! Thanks! And I'm obviously back, but you knew that :)

I like to picture people at their jobs and from the clues you've given, I'm convinced you are Kelly McGillis' character in Top Gun.