Friday, September 25, 2009

Missing the Bullseye...

Dear Target,

Remember when I sang your praises here and here? I take it back. We are offically fighting.

To begin with, I want to talk directly to you, Target-of-the-Metroplex. I understand you are renovating, but could you at least try to group items that are similar together? I don't like scanning the grocery aisles over and over again only to locate my bread on the other side of the store, snuggled between maternity wear and handbags.

..because what goes better together then pregnancy tops and hamburger buns??

Secondly, why did we stop selling knobs for furniture? I went into to purchase 4, and all you have now is packs for 10. I don't need 10 knobs- I only need 4. What am I supposed to do with 6 extra knobs? Your selection used to rival that of Lowes, and now it's crap! Strike two, guys..

Ok, so this last part was kind of my fault. I invited my parents and JEGs' parents back to our apartment for dessert and coffee after dinner tomorrow- only to realize, JEGs and I have exactly one coffee mug. So unless we are all going to play Pass the Dutchie Coffee Mug to The Lefthand Side, I should probably invest in some more.
So I turn to you, dear Tar-zay, in search of regular coffee mugs. What do I find? $3.99 each! WTF?? So I grab 4 (just in case), check out, and head over to IKEA.

Oh, that's right Target. I went there.

What did I find there? Mugs that I liked MORE for $1.99 each!

Target vs. IKEA- it's like the Sharks and the Jets

I confess Target, I feel a little dirty for cheating on you like this. But you are kind of a hot mess and I need something a little more reliable right now. Lets take some time apart- I'll figure out what I want out of this relationship, and you figure out where you want to keep the bread aisle.

Please don't try to call me. It's really better this way.

Always & Forever,

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bethany said...

You are ever-lovin' hilarious! Sometimes I feel like Target really messes with my head, too. And for real? $3.99/mug? Take a hike, Target.