Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple Pleasures 9/8/09

Last week I was totally stressed; Murphy wasn't doing well, money was tight and vet bills were pouring in, cheerleading practice was pumped to three days a week, work was super busy and I was skitzing about wedding stuff.

Sunday morning I crawled into the shower after having a fight the night before with my frienemy, Bacardi (read: it won) and had to smile. Why? Because I have a rubber ducky:

I don't remember where I got this rubber duck from, but it has followed me from dorm, to parents house, to apartment, back to parents house and now to Falconhead. When JEGs put up the shower caddy, I guess he found this little duck (who I have named Stella) amongst all the boxes and decided this was a good spot for it.
I'm glad he did. After all that I had been through this week, I needed to smile at something.
So there you have it: Simple Pleasure #2 is a Rubber Duck.
Always & Forever,

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