Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Project Christina

Recently I've gotten involved with a local non-profit group called Deserving Decor. Basically what they do is clean, refurbish and decorate transitional housing for homeless families. I've started to refurb some of the donated furniture they recieve, and my first piece was a childs dresser. And since I have this bizzare need to name everything, I have dubbed this dresser 'Christina'.



This thing had seen better years. I set out to spend as little money as possible on this rehab, especially since I couldn't turn any sort of profit on it. I had planned on using the original knobs, but as I was moving the dresser back to my apartment, one of them completely split in half!

After a quick run to Lowes, (did you hear that Target?? I have moved on!) I replaced the orginal knobs with smaller, more modern ones. Probably a good choice too, because it really makes it look more complete.

There were endless layers of paint on this bad boy. It looks like it was at one point red with yellow knobs, but someone decided to slap on about 75 layers of cheap white paint.

I scraped and sanded it down as much as I could, and coated it with primer. My idea was to paint it a glossy white, but I decided that a fun green would add more personality to an already white room, and also a safe neutral for either a boy or girls room. I did, however, finish off the cabinet area with white and JEGs was able to pry the old hinges off and replace them with new ones- making it possible for the door to stay closed.

The top of the dresser had knicks and dings, and was generally filthy. I scrubbed it down and attempted to fill in as many holes as I could, but there were so many!! I added a coat of polyurethane to the top, drawers and door for future protection.

My cousin, Aileen, works as a manager at a local Lowes. She was able to hook me up with an old book of wallpaper samples. They were the perfect size to line the drawers, and add a little pop of color!

Cost Breakdown:
Primer- Kilz, Free (already had it)
Paint- Benjamin Moores "Georgian Green", Free (leftover from a room my mom painted) and Valspars "Lilac Muse", Free (leftover from this project)
Drawer liners- Free (Thanks Allie!)
Knobs- $8.33 for 5
Hinges- $2.19 for 2
Final Cost- $10.52

So for the cost of a Hamilton I was able to restore this adorable child's dresser, and help a family in need.

Good deed for the month- check.

Always & Forever,


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Shannon said...

That is a pretty sweet organization. I wish they had a location a little closer to me, I would love to get involved with that.

Cute refurb too, I really like the light green, I kinda feel like everyone does everything white ALL the time, ya know?

bethany said...

What an awesome organization...and a great way to get the "refurb" bug out without having an entire home filled with cast-off furniture.

I'm with Shannon--love the green. A refreshing twist after all the white you see in refurbs! You go, you little world-bettering-blogger, you... :)