Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Venue Crashing: Merion Tribute House

It's time for House Crashing: Wedding Edition!!

JEGs and I looked a couple venues over the past weekend; Bolingbroke Mansion (which I'll talk about tomorrow) and today's higlight, Merion Tribute House

First, a little history because I'm a big dork. The Tribute House is located in Merion Station and was built in 1924. I know it totally looks like a gothic-style church, but it was built as a community center to host cultural and social events (like weddings) and a playground. The name "Tribute House" is to recognize the 81 men from the area who died serving in World War I.

Here is the layout of the "TH" if you will (and I hope you do...)

layout from

It has beautiful architecture (which you know I'm a whore for) and it really lends itself well to hosting a wedding. The flow is great.

...this is the front hall. The archways leads you to the ballroom. And that fabulous backside? That is JEGs- which belongs to me.
The general plan is to have the ceremony on the front lawn. You can face anyway you want, but most people have the front of the building as their backdrop. If it rains, the tables in the ballroom are pushed to the side and the ceremony is held in there:

pictures from
The bar and hor d'oeuvres would be set up in the Legion Room

Let's take a closer look at that stained glass because it's pretty freakin phenominal:

I digress, I'm sorry. Anyway, so the snacks and drinks are in the Legion room and from there the guest can meander outside on the terrace (weather permitting, of course)

... or if you desire quicker and easier access to food and beverage, you can chillax in the Lounge right next door:

From there we shall all filter into the Ballroom for eating, dancing and general festivities.

At first glance, the Ballroom reminded me of a high school gym. But then JEGs reminded me I needed to have "a vision" and it could be dressed up:

image from
..and then JEGs and I would be whisked away to enjoy our first night of wedded bliss.
Somethings that we likes about the TH:
  • the flow of the event: really this place was designed for functions such as this, so it really doesn't get much better
  • one event per day: we get to pick exactly what time we want to start. 3:26 pm? If we wanted it, we got it.
  • size of dining room: huge. Plenty of room for our 100 guest party.
  • plan B: plenty of room, and it wouldn't be awkward. Plus the staff takes care of everything. BONUS!

Somethings we didn't like:

  • formal occation: this place felt a little more formal then what I think JEGs and I were looking for.
  • walk down the aisle: I would have to come out the door on the terrace, walk across the terrace, down the steps, around the chairs and down the aisle. Um, this is a wedding, not a marathon.
  • price. Ouch. and an extra $300 for ceremony site.
  • that shazam feeling: wasn't there. I didn't walk in and go "THIS is where I want to be married". It was more like "OK, this could work".

Well, we still have plenty of other places to look, so the search continues!

Always & Forever,



Jodie said...

So beautiful! I love it!

Shannon said...

Oh I'm a fan. The ballroom looks awesome all fancied-up. And I love me some terraces! Listen to that gut though, if you think it's too pricey, you'll almost definitely regret it later and if that feeling isn't there, I wouldn't do it. We got married at the Inn at Chester Springs in Exton bc of the location and the price was right. Looking back, I sorta regret it b/c it wasn't *perfect*. Such is life.

Annemarie said...

That Shazam feeling is so important....we looked a thousand places before deciding on the Knowlton Mansion, and the moment I walked through the door I started crying because I just felt it. I really love reading your blog! :) Good luck on your quest!

Your Daily Barista said...

Bill and Natalie's son is getting married there this coming October. I will let you know if they have any complaints. it looks nice, though. Don't forget to think outside the box too. I always thought getting married at the Art Museum would be kick ass. The Library (if you want that sex and city feeling) has a roof top facility for events that Alanna has looked at for the chamber. it has killer views.

LizzieBeth said...

Annemarie, I am looking at the Glen Foerd mansion on Sunday, I think they are owned by the same people.

Madam C- Isn't their son's name Byrne?? I only remember that from the 800 home videos I had to short through for that man.

Shan- I need that kung-pow feeling when I walk through. I can't settle.

Thanks for all your advise ladies!

Anonymous said...

you seem to a bit of a bitch, and it seems to me that you are one of those poeple that is trying to make a name for your self. get a life you piece of shit

Anonymous said...

shannon got married at the inn at chester springs. what a dump. Shannon you should go on a fucking diet you ugly ho