Monday, September 21, 2009

I am a shopping goddess.

I had good intentions. No, really, I did.

Momma G (JEGs' Mom) had given me a Macy's gift card for my birthday and it was burning a hole in my pocket. On Friday I decided to head over and buy myself something pretty- maybe a new bag for the fall, a pair of shoes I could wear to work for the colder weather, or a nice cardigan. Something practical.

This is what I came home with:

Helloooo fabulous! Ok, ok, I know these shoes aren't exactly "winter shoes" (or practical, or for work, or ANY of the criteria I had when I set out), but I saw these shoes and I gasped. Look how cute the detail is:

There was only one pair left, and they weren't my normal size (I usually wear a 6.5- these were a 7.5). I figured, what the heck, I'll try them on and if don't fit then I won't get them.

Well, don't you know they fit like a glove.

I looked at the price and they were originally $39.99, and rang up on clearance for $12.25. The cashier asked if I had anymore coupons and I said, "No... but if you have any, I wouldn't mind sharing..." so she scanned a coupon and it brought the total down to $9.80. Score.

As I was rummaging to get my gift card, I found another Macy's card that Momma G had given me like 3 Christmases ago. I asked the lady to scan it and see how much was left on it. $9.72.

I'll spare you the simple math: I just paid $.08 for a pair of shoes. Sha. zam.

I even wore them everyday this weekend, and this is what I wore them with:

Friday Night- drinks and a jazz band

Jacket- Nine West
Tank top- The Limited
Ruffled Shirt- Express
Jeans- Holister

Here is a close up of the shirt:

Saturday- Venue shopping
Jacket- Gap
Tank Top- The Limited
Scarf- vintage Target
Jeans- Holister

Sunday- Venue shopping and dinner at parents house
Dress- Mandi's
Tank Top- The Limited (yes I am a dirtball and wore it three days in a row)
Cardigan- NY & Co.

And the best part is, I STILL have the full gift card I was originally going to spend!! Bonus!

How about you guys? Any ridiculous deals that you love to brag about? Believe me, I've told EVERYONE about these shoes.

Always & Forever,


Jodie said...

No ridiculous purchases to brag about, but it makes me giggle how you took those pictures of your clothes... not a bad thing, but a fabulous idea so as not to have to get all dolled up to be in a photo for the blog! Love it!

bethany said...

GASPALICIOUS. These are adorable, and as you seem to have discovered, quite versatile. Definitely bragworthy.

And...I too pull the dirtball move. When you have a tank that works with everything, why NOT wear it three days in a row?

P.S. Size 6.5? You have little feet. I'm very, very jealous.

Shannon said...

They're so cute! And as far as I'm concerned, by wearing them all weekend, you've justified the .08 you spent on them. And the pics of your clothes! haha, love the model-less poses. Sometimes I think I have a cute outfit on and wanna take pics but then I feel like an a-hole by posting them. Problem solved.

Seriously tiny foot, I am jealous. I guess with being 5'9, i get size 9'ers to with it. My cross to bear.

Oh and thanks for missing me. I've been around. Uninspired but around. And this little thing I call a full-time job has not been helping. Damn it!
My ridiculous deals? I don't find any. But if you asked my husband, he'd think I was the bargain shopper of the year. I justify every purchase "it was on sale!" Typical woman.

Amanda said...

Brag away, lady! You scored an awesome deal...I can't believe you only paid 8 cents for something you will clearly get a lot of use out of. Cheers to bargains!!

Claire said...

What a great score! I love all the outfits you put together =)